First Things First


“Done is better than perfect,” or so goes a quote attributed to a handful of individuals out there on the Interwebs. If I’m being honest, I’ll let you know that I’ve been procrastinating #likeaboss on this whole blogging getup. Now, however, it’s gotten to the point that I truly do feel like my brain may implode from the amount of information I’ve gathered and want to share with my fellow creative entrepreneurs. So, I figured I’d start by writing a little introductory post (promise I’m not copy-pasting from my About page!) in hopes of you understanding a little more about me and the heart behind Anchor + Odyssey.



My name is Kristin Tyler, and I am the Jack (Jill?) of all trades here at Anchor + Odyssey. I primarily focus on helping small, creative, service-based businesses build their brands through strategy, intentional design, and photography. I’m a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, former educator, and trained artist, with a penchant for getting to the heart of small business owners and the work they pour themselves into. My dad has owned a handful of small businesses off and on throughout the course of his life (and by proxy mine, I guess), so it seems entrepreneurship found itself a way into my life naturally!




Now I’m no Tony Robbins or Gary Vee, but much of what I do stems from a desire to equip business owners (that’s you!) with the tools and collateral they need to help their businesses stand out in the best possible ways. As a middle school Language Arts teacher, I had the chance to be a part of an educational initiative funded by a giant in the tech world (no name-dropping here!). Part of what I learned through this forward-thinking but obvious choice for educating my students was that people tend to respond better to opportunities, rather than lectures. My kids were presented with snippets of various topics, at which point they could use textbooks, novels, the Internet, wherever- to take it upon themselves to show me they understood what they read. To demonstrate that they fully comprehended the material and the topics overall, they had the freedom to write papers, or create board games, short videos, comic strips, one-act plays, or whatever else they could think of over the course of a few class periods. They could sit wherever they wanted, as long as it was most conducive to productivity, and honestly looked forward to coming to class.


So why the heck am I telling you all this? My point here is that my goal is to partner with my clients, and equip you for this journey of branding your business, crafting it to be one of success. I’m not here to lecture you or tell you what to do. But - guide you? Yes. Encourage you? Absolutely. Problem-solve with you and get you excited about your work? You know it! Combining creative thinking with a love of story-telling, together our goal will be to tell two stories: your story, and your clients’ story.

As a business owner, you know all about opportunity – about risk. Starting a business is thrilling and nerve-wracking and can be scary as all get out. But this opportunity is just that – a chance to jump, to take that leap of faith, and show the world everything you’ve got.



Heck no! Now that I’ve shared the professional side of myself here, I figured I’d leave you with a few random factoids about myself:


-I don’t have a favorite color. I think in the art world that’s probably frowned upon, but it’s true! I am drawn to so many colors for various reasons that it’s usually best not to leave me unsupervised in a home improvement store in front of the paint chips. Just sayin’.

-It’s not as sharp as it used to be, but I have a photographic memory! I’m not talking Mike Ross-from-Suits (any other fans our there??) photographic, but pretty stinking close for your average bear. This handy trait helped me be a pretty baller spelling bee contestant when I was 12 ;)

-As fate would have it, I’m actually terrified of deep ocean water. I don’t have too many legitimate fears in life (other than spiders, #hardpass), but ironically, the idea of being in open water that’s thousands of feet deep is enough to give me nightmares.


-I met my husband on Tinder, and we got married after a whole 6 months of knowing one another. They say “when you know, you know,” and that was completely true for us! He’s totally math/science/sports-minded, so we like to joke that together we make one whole brain – he’s the logic to my creativity!

-Sarcasm is one of my love languages. The other two top ones for me are quality time and cookies.


If you’ve made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read! I’m looking forward to sharing so much with you, and helping you on your journey to building a brand that reflects who you are, and connects with your customers!

Anchors aweigh!


P.S. I’ll do my best to keep the nautical/ship/ocean puns to a minimum. Can’t make any promises that I won’t go overboard, but we’ll see. (Oops.) 


Have any questions? Shoot me an email at or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll be happy to chat with you!