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a brand, refreshed

Kelly came to Anchor + Odyssey in need of an update for her business, Design Solutions, an Orlando-based interior decorating firm. Looking for a new brand identity overall, custom photos, and a user-friendly, eye catching website, Anchor + Odyssey took the existing Design Solutions brand and gave it new life. 

As a business providing home decorating services, Kelly wanted her new logo to reflect the welcoming, relaxed and modern elements she incorporates in her designs. The pineapple is a recognized symbol of hospitality, and was combined with the Meander motif, or Greek key pattern, symbolic of eternal flow in Ancient Greece. This pattern also happens to be Kelly's favorite! The hand-drawn elements and mixture of modern fonts tie everything together, representing the custom and thoughtful work that goes into each home Kelly decorates.


Color Palette

Font Choices

Mood Board

Branding Board

New primary logo + submark

Brand Photography 

Squarespace Website

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