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stand-out images for an etsy shop

Stephanie runs a successful Etsy store, Posh Love, offering handmade wedding bouquet alternatives, like her stunning hoops, and other decorative details for brides. She and her husband contacted me looking for professional images of her various products to better showcase their quality online, so we planned a multi-day shoot to accomplish this.

The Posh Love owners struggled with taking their own product photos, realizing they had limited light and locations to properly shoot high-quality images in. Together we created a Pinterest board for inspiration, found two locations around Central Florida that fit in with the urban organic-chic vibe of Stephanie’s work, and got to snappin’! They also opted to have some true brand images taken, to include a look at the behind-the-scenes process, allowing potential buyers to see the faces and passion behind the brand! As for the results?

“Kristin went above and beyond our expectations. Not only did we gain awesome pictures, but we created a new milestone in our business, filled with laughter over lunch and sharing our goals. I’m thankful for how perfect Kristin captured our vision for Posh Love.”

-Stephanie Hyde, Posh Love