Orlando Branding Agency Photography.jpg

custom photography for a fellow brand designer…with a twist

Alegna Moss, the brand designer behind VividSeeds, reached out to me for some updated, custom photography as she was rebranding her own business. Combining modern technology with the ancient practice of tarot and crystals, Alegna and I planned an early morning session to capture her process as a brand designer.

A few laptop shots in, I wanted to see Alegna in her element. She told me that she reads each of her clients using tarot cards during their initial consultation, so out came the cards and crystals. In order to make this part of her shoot as authentic as possible, I had Alegna actually do a reading for me (my first ever!), so I could capture her truly in her element. And goodness, did it work. Her sincerity, her vision, her focus - all of that came through on camera.

Not only was it a treat for me to photography another brand designer, but I loved Alegna’s sense of determination and her desire to give me the best reading possible. She and I hardly knew one another at that moment, but we were able to accomplish exactly what she needed - one-of-a-kind, ethereal photos perfect for her updated brand.